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A daily workshop is applied to specific issues typical of urban and environmental architectural design on different scales, aimed at the quality and sustainability of habitat transformation processes. Students attended the workshop will be divided into 3 different work-groups, each one formed by 33/34 students (12 registered for Advanced School of Architecture) for a total amount of 100 participants. Each group will be guided by teachers and tutors.

A series of 6 conferences held by designers and scholars of international renown, with the presentation of projects and discussions on current design issues in parallel with the basic communications held by in-house lecturers. On Mondays and Wednesdays of each week. At 9pm.

A series of 3 conferences with designers and scholars of international renown, with the discussion about theoretical concepts and issues of the workshop. On Tuesdays of each week. At 6pm.

A series of 3 morning lectures/round tables with professors of Italian and international schools, with the presentation and discussion about some experiences, both theoretical and projects, related with the workshop’s main issues. On Thursday of each week. At 10am. (Palazzo Galli)

THREE CRITICAL REVISIONS The Summer School has foreseen three critical revisions, on Fridays, with the participation of an International Commission, composed by 15 commissioners. The work conducted in the design laboratory shall undergo progress reviews with the attendance of national and international key figures in architectural culture and a final results review conducted by an International Committee. First critic Friday the 11th Second critic Friday the 18th Third critic Friday the 25th At the end of the final critic, on Friday the 25th, at 9pm, it’s planned the final ceremony with awards.