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Piacenza Campus of Politecnico di Milano hosts the three-year Architecture Design course and the Architecture Master course “Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design”.
The academic curriculum of the first three years aims at training designers with a specific sensitivity to environmental architecture issues while the two final years are devoted to sustainable design projects. The creation of the International Summer School OC-Open City oriented to the design the “open spaces” in different scales of intervention, from landscape transformation to public areas and specific architectural components is a new important initiative in post-graduate studies with an international scope.

The school is open to students attending the 3rd year of Bachelor Degree Courses and to students attending a Master in Architecture, Design, Engineering and Planning, as well as to PhD reserch students (in disciplines of architecture and urban planning).

The workshop aims at maintaining an open dialogue among the different design specialties needed to face the problems arising from architectural, urban and environmental transformations, becoming a discussion forum and a brainstorming workshop where issues on the general development perspectives of contemporary habitats can be discussed.

The wide consensus this initiative has received during last 5 editions, both inside and outside the academic scene, is consequence of the scientific reputation of Politecnico di Milano, of the innovative format and of the fascinating history and culture of the host city.

Piacenza is the ideal venue for an initiative focused on architectural, urban and environmental problems, both for the quality of its landscape, artistic and monumental environment and for the wide range of case-studies, as well as for its solid traditions in the building sector.

Located in the fascinating buildings and pavilions of the former slaughterhouse, the International Summer School OC – Open City hosts each year tens of students, tutors and teachers coming from different parts of the world, gathering to discuss issues of architectural, urban and environmental design. The School high scientific value is confirmed by its intense schedule of lectures and public conferences with speakers of international renown in the field of architectural design.

From 2015 OC OPEN CITY International Summer School, in its 6th edition, was chosen by Politecnico di Milano as part and step of the high-level-education program ASA (Advanced School of Architecture), open to 32 talented students. They are selected through an open call and are attending, in 2 semesters, 3 intensive workshops (in different sites of Politecnico di Milano: Lecco and Mantova, in addition to Piacenza) and a stage.